Just when does a library book “expire”?

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Just when does a library book “expire”?

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 How many times have you walked inside your local library to check out a book about a project,hobby or homework assignment,looked up the title of a book and found the book was older then YOU?
   Outdated books are a source of both amusement and frustration for readers. The reasons could be both lack of funds to replace current books or perhaps a fear of discarding any books. A “No book is a bad book” type of outlook. Regardless of the reasons,many books in today’s libraries are way outdated and out of touch with today’s society.

 In Plymouth,Michigan two librarians have decided to wage war on these books and started “weeding”out those books whose 15 minutes of shelf time should have been over years ago. The women,Mary and Holly,not only go through and weed out their library’s dead books but they created a website dedicated to blogging about the books they pull,but also about the pitched battles they wage with dust bunnies and the spiders who make those books home. Okay,so maybe I am a little dramatic about the battle part,but you get the point.
   Pulling these books not only frees up space but I’m sure thanks to the website and a recent appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show,new fresh and more exciting reading material is on its way to the Plymouth Library.

To learn more about these two book crusaders,I posted the website below.


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